1. Distance

So close yet so far, a phrase often when something seems as if it is so proximal to your reach while actually it is further than it seems. Like a mirage.

If you remember your primary school mathematics, distance is equals to speed multiplied by time.

Ever thought of how much time it takes you to get to the bookstore, select all the books your child needs and finally after the long queue get to pay for the book? So you could have the fastest speed of transport but if the volume of people at the bookshop is high, like in January, then the distance between you and that book get really long don’t you think?

2. Speed

I am yet to meet someone who can beat the speed it takes to tap on the screen of my phone select a product and finish a purchase. If you find one, please send them our way. However before then, we urge to compare how fast it is to make a purchase at your bookshop of choice, especially in the January #backtoschool rush in Kenya, versus making the same purchase on Haraqisha™. Judging by the results of many Kenyans, we are sure you’ll choose to remain on Haraqisha™. Remember Speed is equals to Distance over time. Save that time. A second saved is a second earned.

3. Time

Time is precious, and even more so are your leave days. Don’t waste them in January, just because you have to send your child #backtoschool. Time of moving from bookshop to bookshop, hunting for the best deal, and standing in a long queue waiting to get served is over. Let your fingers do the walking this December as you rest on your couch. Click away on Haraqisha™ and buy all the books your child needs come January, get that out of the way & get back focusing on more important family fun times this Christmas.

Remember Time is money, save yourself the cost.

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4. Cost

If you’re a parent to a student starting a new academic year, you’re likely reeling in shock from the amount of money you’re being asked to spend on textbooks.

The price tags on those books can be astonishing — and they’re always climbing.

How about we add other related costs of purchase such as the cost of transport to get to the bookshop for both you and your child and the cost of time you’ll have to spend between leaving your home and when you make your purchase and get back home.

Meanwhile it may often be cheaper to buy books on Haraqisha™ whether they are new or used books. Because unlike an offline store, an online retailer doesn’t have the overhead and other costs associated with operating a store, it is typically possible to sell books for less.

Plus given the different number of people selling the same book at any particular time, you have more than enough options to compare price so why choose to spend/ pay more?

5. Volume

Call it fate, call it luck. Luck favors the prepared. In the January dash to purchase all this things in the shortest time, for the best deal, many are the times you arrive at a certain shops a second too late and find the stock on offer already depleted. As they say the early bird catches the worm. You see a brick and mortar store only has so much space, which means their inventory is more limited. If you are looking for a very popular book it might be sold out. Or, the store might not carry a more obscure title. So with all these odds stacked against you how about you stole the march on #backtoschool next year by downloading Haraqisha™ to your phone and start finding millions of titles for all the books you need.

6. Variety

Ever heard, variety is the spice of life? Imagine a scenario where as you shop for books for your child and had a chance to check out other books that you too would read but most importantly remain within your budget. However this will never happen if like all others you are waiting to run around in January like many other people. However with the Haraqisha™ app, on your phone, you get to make purchases at highly discounted prices, and explore many other books you would be interested in. This you will do because the price you’d pay for one book at your favorite bookstore, you could potentially buy two on Haraqisha™.

7. Effort

Save that energy, don’t be too tired to read.

Given a choice between opening your eyes and sliding your finger on a screen, versus battling the rain, walking long distances, knocking against many people who like you are in a similar rush, carrying loads of books in your hands as you tag your child along and sitting in a bus or car in traffic, what would be your pick?

Yap! We guessed so too, we too. The choice of being on Haraqisha™, takes a whole lot less effort, saves more money and time, and has much better results.

8. Inclusivity

There’s something for everyone. From day care, to pre-schoolers, to Kindergarten, primary, secondary and university students, professionals.

Whatever your taste is; Science fiction, Satire, Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Self help, Health, Guide, Travel, Children’s, Religion, Science, History, Math, Anthology, Poetry, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Comics, Art, Cookbooks, Diaries, Journals, Prayer books, Series, Trilogy, Biographies, Autobiographies or Fantasy, you can be sure you will be in good company.

9. Access

Are you in Kenya? Do you own a smartphone or do you have access to one? Perhaps your parents / guardians / friends / relatives? As long as it is on Android (coming soon to iPhone too), then you can join the club (make sure it is well charged and has access to internet). We would like you to think of Haraqisha™ as Kenya’s book lovers book club. Why? Because every Kenyan across the country is either looking for a book to buy or adding a book to sell. It is for all Kenyans don’t worry about your age we aren’t worried about that.

10. No Seasons

You should find a book whenever you need it, it’s that simple. There should not be Peak or off peak. Normally this just means that prices keep changing just because it’s ‘Peak Season’ and there’re many people who want to buy, then you need to pay more. How bad is that? Just download Haraqisha™ and forget about all this trends, which are just meant to take advantage of you.

11. Learn how to Sell yours

We know we said 10, but who hates something extra?

So last but not least, at Haraqisha™ we love to say, today’s buyer will be tomorrow’s seller. We believe in learning from others. Therefore after seeing how others are doing their listings on our platform, you too learn the best practices of listing your own book.