1.     Convenience

Normally when a farmer wants to sell their produce, they would go to the market, because that is where they can find customers. However with Haraqisha™, you don’t have to take your books to the market, we have brought the market to you, on your smartphone! Sell your Books easily!

Our customers enjoy the same convenience because we have brought different products to the palm of their hands, just a click away and they can browse and buy what they want.

This is precisely why you need to sell your books on Haraqisha™. You want to make sure that as Kenyans search, compare prices & quality for the book title you are thinking of selling, your book is among the options presented to them, especially the buyers closest to you.

2.     Customers

The key to success in any business is the access to & number of customers; you want to sell your books where there are plenty of people, who can buy.

That is a key strength of Haraqisha™.While you focus on getting your book(s) onto our platform; we are putting our best foot forward to make Haraqisha™ the leading mobile application used by Kenyans to buy & sell books amongst other products & services.

Any Kenyan irrespective of where they are in the country as long as they have an Android smartphone, can download the application and Haraqisha™  to buy or sell a book with just a click.

With a growing smartphone penetration of 44% in Kenya, according to Google’s Consumer Barometer in 2016, you are looking at a potential market of over 17 million Kenyans.

3.     Ease of Use

Nothings beats the ease of holding the phone in your hand and at the click of a button you can add & sell your books, take a couple of photos of it and upload them to accompany your new listing, then you sit back and wait.

Meanwhile on the other side, from the comfort of their sofa, someone else can view your book and purchase the book with just a click.

Easy as pie, my primary school teacher would have said. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how you can list your book on Haraqisha™.

4.     Space

We all love some space. In many Kenyan homes and some offices, you will find books on bookshelves and in cabinet drawers that no one in that home or office uses any more. These books are occupying space that could be used to store other things in the home or office.

So free up that space, sell your books that you no longer of use. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

5.     Make Money (Sell Your Books)

In this piece here, we showed you how about Ksh. 7.2 billion worth of books could easily be up for grabs, from last year’s (2016) KCPE & KCSE candidate’s alone,

So why let a book collect dust on a shelf, while you could sell your books and use that money to buy another book perhaps, or do something else?

6.     Variety

The variety of books you can sell on Haraqisha™ includes New orUsed books, by both local and International publishers. Take a look at a list of famous Kenyan titles (Insert hyperlink to other article) on our catalogue.

Our catalogue spans over 30 genre categories such as; academic, Science, fiction, Satire, Drama, Action and Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Self help, Health, Guide, Travel, Children’s, Religion, Spirituality & New Age, History, Math, Anthology, Poetry, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Comics, Art, Cookbooks, Diaries, Journals, Prayer books, Series, Trilogy, Biographies, Autobiographies, Fantasy.

These are constantly being updated to ensure we accommodate all varying tastes of sellers & buyers on our platform.

7.     Proximity (Location)

How many times have you ever wanted to purchase or order something & ended up cancelling the order or forgoing the purchase because of the distance between you and the closest place you could buy it?

Well, we too.Many times we wish we could find someone or someplace closer we could get what we need ‘haraka’ as we Kenyans love to say.

This is where Haraqisha™ excels, with this in mind, we created the App such that every time you are listing the book you want to sell, you must indicate or confirm your physical location on the map, that way our customers on their phones can always see on the map & know whom or where closest to them they can purchase the book they are looking for.

8.     Price

How much does it cost to sell your book on Haraqisha™? Zero, it’s Free. How much does it cost for a customer to use our App to buy your book? Again, it’s Free. And here’s the cool part, it will always be free to list your books and sell them. Unlike other global book selling platforms such as Amazon, that charge a commission on your every sale, the book selling service on Haraqisha™ will always be free.

9.     Size

With over 30 million titles and growing, Haraqisha™ is easily Kenya’s largest online books catalog. Our aim is to make sure any book a Kenyan needs, they can search & find it on our platform.

10.     Local Market

At Haraqisha™, we have gone to great pains to ensure that the user experience is relevant to Kenyans. We take pride in the ability to connect Kenyan booksellers to Kenyan book buyers. This ensures that most of the books on our platform are relevant to Kenyans and have ready market thereby ensuring that every bookseller is almost guaranteed to find a buyer. Perhaps just a few meters away.