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In times of business uncertainty – why take risks?

Let’s face it, the times we’re facing as Kenyans in the world today are highly uncertain, perhaps more so than any other in recent history. What with damning corruption scandals every day, failing banks, the shock US presidential election results, and grid locked traffic in Nairobi, is there anything we can be sure of anymore? [...]

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Common Courier Services Terminologies used in Kenya explained

Courier A courier can either be a company, or an individual or employee who performs transports goods for their customers. Cash on delivery (C.O.D) When someone ships a package or document at the expense of the recipient. Usually the recipient must pay for the delivery before is will be released by the driver. Cargo Items [...]

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A to Z list of Frequently Asked Questions on Haraqisha™ Books

There are a lot of Questions Kenyans are asking when it comes to Searching, Buying or Selling Books on Haraqisha™ Access Question (Qn). Who and how can one Access the Haraqisha™ application? Ans. The Haraqisha™ application is accessible by anyone as long as they have a smartphone (Android). To Access it, you will need to [...]

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Joining Form 1? A Smart Books Guide for 2017

First, big congratulations from the team at Haraqisha™, to Kenya’s KCPE class of 2016 for your effort in the just concluded exams. As of January 9th, 2017 the official Form One (1) reporting date as per the Kenya Ministry of Education directive, about 780,000 of the 942,021 candidates, will be joining secondary school. Now, for [...]

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Haraqisha™ Beta – Take a Spin on Our Shinny New App

For those of you who are short on time, here is the one minute pitch. We’ve created a shinny new app which we think is pretty awesome. We’d like you to take it for a spin, kick the tires and let us know what you think.  Intrigued? Its easy to get started, simply click here to join the Haraqisha Beta Test Community from where you can then download the app, otherwise read on to find out more about the program. […]

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10 Reasons Kenyans are Buying Books on Haraqisha™

1. Distance So close yet so far, a phrase often when something seems as if it is so proximal to your reach while actually it is further than it seems. Like a mirage. If you remember your primary school mathematics, distance is equals to speed multiplied by time. Ever thought of how much time it [...]

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No Money for Easter Gifts? Haraqisha™ & turn your books to cash

Easter is an interesting time to be in Kenya. Everyone is buying something, everyone is traveling ‘shagz’ (sheng for rural home), and everyone is going to have a special meal with chicken or goat meat being the main focus of most delicacies. The most interesting thing is according to a Survey done by Consumer Insight, while [...]

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Turn your books into money

Buy & Sell your books on Haraqisha™ As Kenyans we are a unique people, we all wait until the last minute to get things done & apply pressure on others to hurry up while we are at it, “harakisha” we love to say. Otherwise how could you explain, that every January, parents with their children [...]

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10 Reasons you should Sell Your Books on Haraqisha™

1.     Convenience Normally when a farmer wants to sell their produce, they would go to the market, because that is where they can find customers. However with Haraqisha™, you don’t have to take your books to the market, we have brought the market to you, on your smartphone! Sell your Books easily! Our customers enjoy [...]

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Sell your school textbooks & Make your first easy Shilling after KCPE or KCSE

The Festive season will soon be here and it’ll be time to unwind. After 12 (KCPE) or 16 (KCSE) long years of school textbooks, homework, exams, bells and everything else about school. You are now on your way to getting your ID & being an adult. University awaits, but first, you’ve got to celebrate this lifetime [...]

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