There are a lot of Questions Kenyans are asking when it comes to Searching, Buying or Selling Books on Haraqisha™


Question (Qn). Who and how can one Access the Haraqisha™ application?

Ans. The Haraqisha™ application is accessible by anyone as long as they have a smartphone (Android). To Access it, you will need to visit the Google Play Store and download it to your phone.


Qn. What is the process of Buying a book on Haraqisha™?

Ans. To Buy a book on Haraqisha™, all you have to do is login to your account, search for the book title, check the sellers who’ve listed their books and how close they are to you as well as what are the prices and condition of their books. Once you have made a decision, contact the seller and arrange to meet. Once you have confirmed the book is as what you chose, then pay the seller and enjoy reading your book.


Qn. What do I need & how do I Create an account on Haraqisha™?

Ans. To create an account on Haraqisha™ is simple; once you have downloaded the application to your phone, click the Sign up button, fill out the information such as your name, email address & phone number, alternatively you could opt to signup using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Google. You will then receive a verification code, which you will key onto the application and you are now a certified user of Haraqisha™.


Qn. How do I get the Haraqisha™ application on my phone?

Ans. You will need to have an Android smartphone, and then switch on your Internet (Data) setting, then open the Google Play application on your phone. Search for Haraqisha, and then click to install it on your phone. Once it has completed to Download & install, you can open it and begin enjoying the amazing experience.


Qn. I am looking for Education related books for my child, do you have those?

Ans. On Haraqisha™ we have millions of book titles, especially education related books being sold by Kenyans. Books for all levels of education in Kenya: Day care, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, University & professional courses.


Qn. How do I Find the Book I want on Haraqisha™?

Ans. Finding the book you want on Haraqisha™ is very easy, open the app on your phone, and click on the search section at the top of your app, type in the title of the book you are searching for and the results of the words you key in will display below, after which you can click on the title you are interested in and see the different sellers who’ve listed their books in it.


Qn. Are the books sold on Haraqisha™ of good enough quality to by as a Gift for a friend?

Ans. Yes they are. On Haraqisha™ you will find Kenyans selling both new and used books, mostly in mint condition. So go ahead & buy a book gift on Haraqisha™.


Qn. What does the name Haraqisha™ mean?

Ans. The name Haraqisha™ is borrowed from the Swahili name “harakisha” which means “hurry”. Our application brings speed, convenience & efficiency to Kenyans for their different shopping needs.


Qn. Do I need to have an Internet connection to use Haraqisha™?

Ans. Yes, you need to be connected to the internet, to be able to search, buy and /or sell books on Haraqisha™.


Qn. Can a book store Join Haraqisha™ & sell their books?

Ans. Anyone can open a Haraqisha™ account and start to search, buy and / or sell books.


Qn. Is Haraqisha™ usable by anyone anywhere in Kenya?

Ans. Yes, anyone anywhere in Kenya, as long as they have a smartphone and an internet connection can use the Haraqisha™ application.


Qn. Is it possible for me to see the person who is closest to my Location, selling a book I am interested in?

Ans. Yes, every seller on Haraqisha™ has to share their location when uploading a book, by enabling their GPS location feature on their phone while creating their listing. Similarly we encourage our users to enable this function every time you are using the application to enable us to recommend to you, sellers who are closer to you.


Qn. How do I make Money from selling on Haraqisha™ & how does a buyer pay for my book?

Ans. When selling your books on Haraqisha™, think of it as having your own online bookshop. It is faster, cheaper, easier & you make more money than you would in your own physical shop. Here’s an article on 10 reasons you should sell your books on Haraqisha™.

When someone buys your book on Haraqisha™, you will plan an ideal meeting location, where you can exchange the book for money. So you get paid in cash.


Qn. Does Haraqisha™ only sell used books or are there also New books and how can you find them?

Ans. There are both New & Used books listed by Kenyans on Haraqisha™. To find them, you can filter your search to display New books only or Used book only or both.


Qn. Do you have any Offers where someone can buy books cheaper?

Ans. We may have promotional offers on services offered by Haraqisha™, however the books are listed by Kenyans and therefore not owned by Haraqisha™ so we can’t give discounts on the books, perhaps you could negotiate a better deal with your seller for the book you are interested in.


Qn. How can I find the lowest Price for a book I am searching for?

Ans. After you have searched for the book you are interested in on the Haraqisha™ app, you can filter your search results by Price, either the Lowest Price first of the highest price first, this will enable you find the book in a price bracket within your budget.


Qn. How do you ensure that the Quality of every listing & legitimacy of every seller is maintained on the application?

Ans. For every listing we have a thorough vetting process that ensures that every listing and seller is verified.


Qn. Is it possible to Rate the experience of buying a book on Haraqisha™ or to rate a seller?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to rate your buying experience on Haraqisha™, this you will always be prompted after completing a transaction. You are also able to rate a seller, as well as see the rating of different sellers before you buy a book, this is our way of ensuring that every customer is pleased to buy books on our application.


Qn. Can anyone Sell a book on Haraqisha™?

Ans. Yes, any one in any part of Kenya can list their book on Haraqisha™ and sell it.


Qn. Are there times the application hangs due to high Traffic of people using it?

Ans. We are glad to enjoy the trust of millions of Kenyans who continue to use Haraqisha™ however we have never had an experience where a user could not use our application due to too high traffic of users on the application?


Qn. How can I confirm the actual quality of a Used book before buying it?

Ans. To see how a used book looks like on Haraqisha™, you can check the photos of the book that the seller has added to his/her listing and then proceed to contact the seller for purchase if you are ok with it.


Qn. What Kind of books Variety can one find on Haraqisha™?

Ans. The Variety of books available on Haraqisha™ is such that there’s something for everyone. From the young to the old, whatever your taste is; Science fiction, Satire, Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Self-help, Health, Guide, Travel, Children’s, Religion, Science, History, Math, Anthology, Poetry, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Comics, Art, Cookbooks, Diaries, Journals, Prayer books, Series, Trilogy, Biographies, Autobiographies or Fantasy, you can be sure you will be in good company.


Qn. How does the Application Work?

Ans. Here’s a step by step guide as to how Haraqisha™ works, whether you are searching, buying or selling a book.


Qn. How do you eXit the application after you have finished using it, to prevent it from consuming your phone internet data?

Ans. To exit the application you just need to close it and stop using it on your phone.


Qn. Is it safe for my Young child use your application?

Ans. Haraqisha™ is built to be used by all from children in kindergarten looking for nice storybooks they saw their friends with in school, to teenagers in high school, young adults in university & parents & professionals. All the books found within have been screened and confirmed they are safe to view by the Haraqisha™ team.


Qn. How much is it to open an account and start selling books on Haraqisha™, as well as the cost per transaction?

Ans. Zero. To open a Haraqisha™ account it Free, there is no charge on any transaction you make when you sell your book, and it is totally free to sell your books.