Set your own schedule. Set your own income goals. Drive the Smart Way.

Here is how to get started


Login and let us know you are available
to take a ride



Accept ride requests from users
close to your location

Receive Ride Request


We let the customer know you are now on your way.
Incase your are not sure of their location
you can click and contact them.



Get to where the customer is, and select
Start Ride to begin tracking your journey
to the customer's destination



Once the journey is complete, End the ride
& we will show you how much you earned


Frequently asked questions

Haraqisha uses your mobile devices GPS location to notify you when a ride request comes in near you. From there you can see where the client is located and proceed to take them to their destination.
Becoming a Haraqisha driver is simple and hassle free. Please use our signup page here to start driving The Smart Way!
Our algorithims calculate fares based on the distance you drive. Different vehicle types are also catered for in Haraqisha. All our rides have a base fare of (x)
We treat rider and driver safety very seriously at Haraqisha. Please click here  to see our requirements for vehicle registration.
Please use this link to go to our driver support page where will will direct you step by step on how to sign up with Haraqisha.
More Help FAQs

Driver and Passenger Safety

Driver and Passenger safety is of paramount importance. We believe that above all else, a good ride is a safe ride.

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