For those of you who are short on time, here is the one minute pitch. We’ve created a shinny new app which we think is pretty awesome. We’d like you to take it for a spin, kick the tires and let us know what you think.  Intrigued? Its easy to get started, simply click here to join the Haraqisha Beta Test Community from where you can then download the app, otherwise read on to find out more about the program.

Would you consider yourself a tech lover or book lover or a business thought leader? If you do, then here is a chance to be part of something transformative, the Haraqisha™ Beta Test Community.

The birth of every innovation, like your own, has a life of its own with different growth stages. Initially it is introduced, very few know about it and even fewer are willing to give it a try.
Those who do are called innovators; these are the first individuals to adopt an innovation. Those willing to take risks, normally young in age, very social and have closest contact to scientific sources and interaction with other innovators.

Then follows the growth stage, where early adopters and the early majority people, are next to join the innovators. After this point the innovation is at its Maturity stage and soon the late majority of people have jumped in. Just as the innovative idea reaches its peak and begins to wane. This decline stage is when the late comers, also known as laggards will jump in, just as the innovators move on to the next big thing.

Haraqisha™ Beta Test Community

Do you consider yourself an innovator?
Are you creative, curious, intelligent and eager to break new ground? If so, you are the kind of pioneer we are looking for to be part of the Haraqisha™ Beta Test Community.

We are looking for the curious, those who want to find out what something is and how it works. If you loved to take your toys apart to understand where the sound came from and how they worked, then it is you we are talking about. The daring, those who step forward when everyone else is looking around to see who will go first.

Someone intuitively interactive, one who has taken time to understand Kenyans and how they think, work and react. Someone who can communicate well, and share feedback that others can understand and work with. Someone who truly is obsessed over detail, can you spot a speling mistake (we just made one here). Can you really dig deep into something as opposed to just using it at the surface level? That’s what we are looking for. An analytical mind, someone who can walk through a process and pick out key challenges as well as recommend an alternative.

You see Haraqisha is not just another app. We are on a quest to realize the vision of Living the Smart Life™. To this end, we need some smart Kenyans to let us know whether we are on the right track or off the mark.

This is not just another solution made for the world then brought to Kenya. It is made by Kenyans, with Kenyans at heart, because we believe that only a true Kenyan can appreciate the dynamism of our community and our problems, and offer solutions that address our unique culture. Kenyans have been in the vanguard of progressive technologies such as mobile payments, so we think our faith in their entrepreneurial spirit is well placed.

If you are handy with technology and have an Android device (our iPhone app will be hot on the heels of the Android release), we invite you to be part of the Haraqisha Beta Test Community. Help us take our shiny new app through the paces and in return, you will get a Ksh.500 coupon to use on Haraqisha when the general release is launched.

Our Goal

Our intent is to capture feedback from a diverse cohort, so we welcome anyone who fits the bill. Whether you are male, female, student, parent, young or old, your constructive input will be appreciated

What we will require from you is to download the app, try out the functionality within it and let us know if something does not work as expected. This being the initial release, there is obviously a long list of things we plan to add as we go along, but as the saying goes, even the journey of one thousand leagues starts with one step.

For this task, we ask that you commit to download the Haraqisha application on your phone & iterate through the features within the app, with the goal of spotting any anomalies in the functionality. We will provide a channel through which you can report any issues you find. Conversely we will also notify you when new updates to the app are made, so that you always have the most current release. This will be an conversational exercise, hence we look forward to receiving engaging with you to realize a user centered experience.

To get started, simply click here to join the Haraqisha Beta Test Community from where you can then download the app.The information you provide will be kept strictly private as per our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.