First, big congratulations from the team at Haraqisha™, to Kenya’s KCPE class of 2016 for your effort in the just concluded exams. As of January 9th, 2017 the official Form One (1) reporting date as per the Kenya Ministry of Education directive, about 780,000 of the 942,021 candidates, will be joining secondary school.

Now, for many moving into secondary school, the stories can get abit scary, so let start with what’s important.

Study Subjects

While you had six (6) Subjects in Primary, in Form One (1), you will be covering eleven (11) subjects. Don’t worry; if others have done it, you can too.

What’s new?

Well, you maintain the compulsory; English, Math & Kiswahili, then what was Science in primary school now breaks down into Biology, Chemistry & Physics, and what was Social Studies breaks down into Geography & History, Religious studies remains, whether Christian or Islamic or Hindu. Then you pick two extra subjects of your own choice, one each from what are considered to be Group Four & Group Five subjects.

In Group Four you have; Home science, Art and Design, Agriculture, Computer Studies, Aviation and in Group Five, you have French, German, Arabic, Music, Business Studies.

Study Material

For most secondary schools, you will be asked to bring along a textbook copy for each of the 11 subjects published by the Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB), in some cases, you will also be asked to bring along 2 Story books, one in English and another Kiswahili, an Atlas, a dictionary and a Kamusi.

Where do you buy this? Now this is where Haraqisha™ comes in.

Saving on Costs

There are many things a student needs as they move into Form One (1), most of which have to be bought new. However with Haraqisha™ you can take the hustle out of the last minute rush of January to buy books. You don’t need to buy new books. You can find used books in great quality. Just make sure the used books you buy don’t have a school stamp.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started & use Haraqisha™ to search, buy and/or sell books.

Save The World

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Incase you have more questions; please check here for other Frequently Asked Questions and answers we responded to our users.

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