About 761,956 KCPE candidates of 2016 moved into secondary school in 2017. Therefore, their parents will had to save up or borrow some money from friends, relatives, Sacco’s or Banks in January to buy their eager children new textbooks as they joined Form 1. Averagely from our calculation here  these parents had to spend over Ksh. 4,000 bob on books alone.Why not save up on Time and Money by looking up these books on Haraqisha?

You could buy books from current Form 1 students moving into Form 2 next year and you could save from 60% to 100% of the cost, with some sellers offering their books for free. The best part is that parents can use Haraqisha to sell and buy books for their children, who are graduating from one class to the next.

Around this time, with the Kenyan ‘last minute’ nature, there were long queues at the bookshops as everyone was in a hurry or as we like to say it “harakisha-d” to buy books. With this last minute hustle and bustle the time lost or wasted would mean a day or two is lost.

Search, Compare, Buy Books on Haraqisha

With Haraqisha all you need is your smartphone and at the comfort of your home, you can;

  1. Search for the books by title, author
  2. Browse all the listings for a particular title
  3. Compare by quality of the book from the actual photos of the book provided by the different sellers
  4. View pricing and location of books that are of interest.
  5. Once you have made your pick, you can chat with the seller from within the app
  6. With good negotiation skills, you could even get a further discount
  7. When it’s time to finalize the transaction, you could hail a rider “bodaboda” from our application
  8. Payment is made using the method that is agreed upon by both parties, and only after you have verified that the condition of the item.