Easter is an interesting time to be in Kenya. Everyone is buying something, everyone is traveling ‘shagz’ (sheng for rural home), and everyone is going to have a special meal with chicken or goat meat being the main focus of most delicacies.

The most interesting thing is according to a Survey done by Consumer Insight, while almost half of Kenyans are not choosy of what Easter Gift they’d like, most who know what they want, would like to be given money.

Meanwhile In 2012, the most preferred choices of Christmas Gifts by Kenyans according to Ipsos Synovate were Shoes, Clothes and Money. As of 2015, the research by Consumer Insight & Nation Media group revealed a huge change with the most preferred choice of Gifts by Kenyans being Money, A gift / shopping voucher & a mobile phone with very few interested in clothes or shoes as gifts.

But we are Kenyans and friends and family are what we all have in bulk-loads, so how do you get money to share amongst them all? That’s the question in the minds of most Kenyans this year. Not forgetting so far 2017 has not been easy. With the class 8 students joining form 1 this year unlike in past years, where they joined mid February, joined on 9th of January.

Easter Sale on Haraqisha

Well, the answer, we are telling them is Haraqisha™.
You see, most Kenyan households have so many books that they no longer use but can really be of use to someone else perhaps just next door. However no one likes the work of hawking books to your neighbors all day in the hope of making some cash for Easter.

Forget about that, all you have to do is download Haraqisha™ on your Android smartphone (sorry iPhone Users, we’ll be sharing our iPhone App later), then create an account and start searching for the book titles you’d like to sell. Once you’ve found the title, start listing your books, including nice photos of it.

That’s just the 1st step; the next is letting all your friends & neighbors get know about it, by sharing the link to the book you are selling on your Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) & email.

Once you’ve got that covered, you can sit tight as we try to get as many people as possible, starting with those closest to you, who may be searching the book you are selling, to buy your book.
Normally a perfect match is less than a days wait, and soon you will have cash in your hands for your book.

Incase you have more questions; please check here {Insert hyperlink to previous Article} for other Frequently Asked Questions and answers we responded to our users.

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