Why use Haraqisha Ride?

Here is how it works

Getting there, minus the hustle

You’ve got places to be, people to see, things to do. Haraqisha will get you there quickly and hustle free.




Download the Haraqisha app from the Google Play/IOS store.

Create a Haraqisha account by telling us more about yourself.

The Haraqisha app will use your mobile devices GPS location to hail a Haraqisha driver closest to you.




Enjoy the Smart Way to travel while getting to your destination!

At the end of your trip, pay for your journey using some of our payment options.

Give us feedback on how your Haraqisha journey went in order for us to keep improving our services

Frequently Asked Questions

Haraqisha uses your mobile devices GPS location to notify a Haraqisha driver close to you about your transport request. From here, the driver will then proceed to pick you up and drop you off at your destination.
Our algorithims calculate fares based on the distance you travel. Different vehicle types are also catered for in Haraqisha. All our rides have a base fare of (x).
No surge pricing -Hariqisha rates remain constant, even when the roads are busy.
Marketplace – You can use the Haraqisha app to buy and sell from your mobile phone!
Delivery and courier services- The Haraqisha app also allows you to schedule deliveries using the app itself. You can even do your shopping and have your items delivered straight to your door!


We believe that a good ride is first and foremost, a safe ride. Safety is of paramount importance to us. Your safety, as well as the safety of your driver and all other people on the road. The Haraqisha app has been built with specific emphasis on providing a safe experience to riders and drivers.

We take safety into consideration before, during and after each ride and we continuously strive to improve on safety by listening to feedback from riders and drivers.

A Ride for every occasion