Buy & Sell your books on Haraqisha™

As Kenyans we are a unique people, we all wait until the last minute to get things done & apply pressure on others to hurry up while we are at it, “harakisha” we love to say.
Otherwise how could you explain, that every January, parents with their children in tow will flock bookstores around the country to buy books for the children as schools reopen after the long festive Christmas period.

Just to give you an insight on how lucrative the Books business in Kenya is, did you know Kenya’s publishing industry is estimated to be about 12 billion Kenyan shillings a year (US $150 million) with 90% of that coming from sales of textbooks?

Obviously due to the market laws of supply and demand, the prices of these books at that time of the year are normally at their peak. As a Parent, how would you like it if we told you that you could avoid this vicious cycle of buying expensive books year after year for your growing child as they move from one class to the next?

With October already knocking, the Exam season is upon us, and while we at Haraqisha™ would like to take this opportunity to wish all the candidates this year the best of success. We are keener to help them and their parents, put back some of that much needed cash they used to buy their books, back into their pockets.

While at the same time giving an opportunity to that parent or student who would like to save the much needed money, using it to get something else, perhaps a new pair of shoes instead of a new text book for their next year.

The thing is unlike clothes, shoes and exercise books, school textbooks do not wear out with the first owner. With good care they can be handed down from one student to another upto 5 students, a lifespan of over 5 years.

Are you an avid reader of novels or personal development books? These too form the other 10% of books bought by Kenyans. So if you just got promoted to a management role and are looking for the title “48 laws of power” for example, where do you find it in almost mint condition at a fair price? What do you do with it after you have read it for about 5 times and would like to trade it in and buy another book say the “7 habits of highly effective people”?

Haraqisha™, is the mobile application that will enable you to place & sell those books you will not be needing to others near you who are looking for them, at a good deal.

How it works

1. Downloading Haraqisha™
To use our application, you would have to download it to your phone; this is possible for Android phone users only at the moment.
2. Register as a user, share with us your details such as your name, email address and phone number.
3. Selling a Book

1) Select our Books section on your screen, and select the Sell a book option.
2) Key in the book details. As you key in the title it will search for that title on our database.
3) Once it’s found, click on it and fill in the additional information such as the quality or condition of the book, your price and upload photos of the book.
4) Click Submit, sit back & wait as buyers will begin to call you shortly

4. Buying a Book
Our team has and continues to spend a great deal of time adding hundreds of thousands of titles from both international and local publishers for our users to find.

1) Select our Books section on your screen, and select the Buy a book option.
2) As you key in the title it will search for that title on our database.
3) Once it’s found, click on it and you can view more details about the book including different sellers of the book, their prices and most importantly their location starting with those closest to you. Always remember, the closer the seller is to you, the better.
4) Compare the book qualities of the different sellers for the book you are interested in, cheaper may not always be great quality so we at Haraqisha™ will always recommend you take a look at the photos the seller has shared about the book.
5) Once you have decided on your best options, you may want to have the book delivered to your location; this is where our courier services come in handy. With a click you could find out the cost estimate of having the book picked from the buyers location and delivered to your location. This cost you may also want to add it to the cost of the book to make your final decision of which sellers you would like to engage.
6) Place a call to the seller; this is where your negotiation skills come in handy. See if your seller can lower the price for you.
7) Once that is settled select a courier from our application and have them deliver the book to you.

5. Making Payments

1) All transactions made on Haraqisha™ users have the options to make payments via different payment modes such as Mpesa, Airtel Money, Visa or MasterCard.
2) For book purchases to protect our users from fraudsters, as a buyer, you will make payments to Haraqisha™’s paybill number and once you have confirmed receipt of the book, we will send the payment to the Seller’s mobile phone as well as the courier’s if you used courier services.